improving family life, 

self awareness,  and understanding!



Parenting Classes in Newport Beach


Conscious Mothering I

This 10-week class curriculum is derived from the latest in brain research

and attachment theory, emotional attunement, limit setting, mommy guilt,

and enhancing your family life with the value of simplicity.  All of these topics

are in service to the mother being able to make informative choices for her

child based on a personal parenting philosophy that is a genuine fit. Each

class includes a teaching segment as well as group process. Contact us to find out why so many Orange County Moms are talking about Conscious Mothering.  Space is limited to 12 Conscious Mothers. 
Reserving early is highly recommended.

Conscious Mothering II

This 10-week class is for moms who have previously participated in Conscious Mothering I.  Highlights in this class include sexuality as appropriate to developmental stage, sibling rivalry, advanced setting limits and discipline, technology limits, and food & mothering.  Classes include a teaching segment as well as group process.  Space is limited to 12 participants.

Conscious Mothering III 
This  10-week class is for moms who have previously participated in Conscious Mothering I.  Highlights in this class include handling technology with your kids, the effects of differing types of media on your child's brain, and guiding your children through grief,  toxic ruptures with relationships outside of the family system, shame resiliency, making friends for your children, mommy friendships, and parenting as a united front.

Conscious Mothering Parenting Teens
This class is for moms of teens and tweens who are looking for support in navigating the teen years as gracefully as possible. This curriculum is designed to educate the parent and offer process time in a safe group atmosphere.

Parenting Book Discussions

Topical parenting books selected for each quarter for parents who love to read and apply the knowledge personally as well as process with other parents in a safe environment.  Discussions vary from 5 - 8 weeks.  Past discussion books have been The Price of Privilege, The Whole Brain Child, Strong Mothers, Strong Sons, and Queen Bees and Wanna Bees.


A class for Moms and Dadsa 6- week curriculum based on the New York Times Bestselling book by Dan Siegel, MD, and Tina Payne Bryson, Phd.  Each participant reads the chapter for the week and then the chapter is reviewed and applied to each participant's family.  Learn how to discipline in a highly connective way that maintains the relational bond as well as teaches personal responsibility and builds a moral compass for your child.

Conscious Fathering

Conscious Fathering is a 10 week course for Dads who want to deepen in their relationships with their children.  Covering the latest in brain information, developmental stages, understanding misbehavior, as well as curriculum designed specifically for dads looking at a father’s role, understanding your relationship with your own father.  Class is available upon request.